Bev's Keen Eye on Design

March 2016: Big City, Small Living

City living comes with many amenities, including a close proximity to shopping, restaurants, and parks. However, one challenge of living in the city is the lack of space. Here are some simple tips that will help maximize your space and storage with furniture and accessories:

  1. A small sofa that fit the space correctly will increase the limited space
  2. A tall, thin bookcase will increase the storage while also utilizing the vertical wall space.
  3. Adding a large mirror will reflect light back into the space, creating the illusion that it is larger.
  4. Although larger than a typical bedside table, a chest of drawers next to the bed will provide storage.
  5. Functional furniture, such as a side table or coffee table with storage, will provide a better use of the space.
  6. A dining table with sleek, small dining chairs will fit better in your small space and provide ample seating for dinner guests.