Bev's Keen Eye on Design

April 2016: Black & White is Always Right

When you think of classic and timeless design, what colors come to mind? Lime green? Hot pink? Probably not. However, if you were envisioning black or white (or a combination of the two) you would be in agreement with the majority. In terms of interior design, the classic combination of black and white has a bit of interesting history; at the turn of the 20th century, science revealed “hidden” germs being the cause of common diseases. White was used to help “show” the dangerous bacteria in bathrooms, so it was implemented in order to keep diseases at bay. This also led to the use of easy-to-clean porcelain fixtures, which are still commonly used today. With trend of all white tile bathrooms, there was a need for contrast. The use of black tile allowed for patterns; such as the basketweave, pinwheel, and hexagon. These patterns remain timeless and relevant today. Here are some photos of tile and wallpaper that I found at various showrooms recently:

IMG_8785 (1)