Bev's Keen Eye on Design

September 2016: The Blues


While walking around the Seattle Design Center you will spot a blue trend. The showrooms are not just using blue as an accent, but also a neutral. This is a trend that is spread throughout the design community – not only in interior design, but also fashion. The traditional neutral colors we recognize are black, white, gray, and beige. However, with a market that is now demanding taupe and warm tones mixed with cool tones, blue has stepped in as that happy medium. Recently we have worked with clients that are asking for a cobalt blue to compliment the gold tones in their area rug, a turquoise blue to enhance the view of the Puget Sound from their rustic modern home, and a light and breezy nautical rambler with navy as a neutral. Here are some photos of how blue is being used in designer showrooms:



Dixon Group Showroom


Dixon Group Showroom


Kravet Showroom


Leflar Showroom


Kravet Showroom