Bev's Keen Eye on Design

October 2016: Wool for Everyday Living

Wool is one of the most versatile fibers in the textile industry. Wool is not only beautiful; it has many natural properties that make it perfect for upholstery and carpeting. Some of our favorite features are; elasticity, flame resistance, anti-static, durability, water resistance, and soil resistance. When choosing an area rug, a fiber that is anti-static, soil resistant, and water resistant is ideal, especially under the dining room table where we tend to spill more often. And when choosing the perfect upholstery fabric, look for a fiber that has high elasticity, flame resistance, durability, and soil resistance. With all of these characteristics in the wool fiber, you are sure to have a product that will remain beautiful and strong for years to come!

Thank you to the Dixon Group and C. James Collection at the Seattle Design Center for allowing us to play around with their amazing wool upholstery fabrics and area rugs!  Here are some designs we came up with using 100% wool upholstery fabric and area rugs, with a hint of hide, leather, and trim:


fullsizerender-7  fullsizerender-6  fullsizerender-8