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November 2016: Gathering Spaces

The Holidays are about family, friends, and our time together. Where are your favorite places to host your guests in your home? We think the dining room is the perfect place to gather all year round! If you are debating which size table is right for you, here are some standards for rectangular and oval tables; 72 inches seats 6, 96 inches seats 8, 120 inches seats 10. Also, standards for round or square table; 36-48 inches seats 4, 60 inches seats 6, and 72 inches seats 8. Don’t forget you do not have to commit to a 120-inch table – there are so many new ways to extend your table without the hassle of removable leaves! Now you can just pull your self-storing leaves from the middle of your oval table, the ends of your refectory rectangle table or the perimeter of your round Jupe table. Once you find the right table size and style for your space, we suggest choosing grand upholstered host and hostess chairs that are different from you side chairs, to elevate your dining room. While shopping for our clients we came across some beautiful dining tables worthy of any gathering:


Bausman and Company table from Dixon Group Showroom


Bausman and Company table from Dixon Group Showroom


Sarreid table from J. Garner Showroom

screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-1-00-26-pm screen-shot-2016-11-30-at-12-59-48-pm

Bausman and Company table from Dixon Group Showroom