Bev's Keen Eye on Design

January 2017: Mixing Metals

One of the biggest (and most intimidating) fashion and interior design trends of 2016 is mixing metals. We have been getting our clients comfortable with the idea that not all of the finishes in their space have to be the same. This will help achieve an eclectic and “collected over time” vibe in your space.

When mixing metals, it is important to choose a finish that is dominant in your space, and then go from there. A neutral palette is more compatible for mixing warm and cool tones metals. Whereas a warmer palette will lend itself more to warmer metals such as gold, copper, and brass. Also, consider the size of your space. If you are designing a powder room, keep the difference in metal subtle enough to not overwhelm the eye. However, if you have a larger space, like a living room or a kitchen, feel free to mix it up a bit more.

Another tip to keep your space looking refined and uncluttered is to not overwhelm your space with too many metal pieces. Keeping your accessories within 2-3 different metal finishes is enough to achieve a sophisticated eclectic look!

Check out these pieces we found that are perfect for mixing:


Currey & Company


Currey & Company


Currey & Company


Ferrell & Mittman


Atlas Homewares